A Whole Person Approach to Post-Acute Health

Virtare is Virtual Care. We support providers and health systems to drive outcomes and increase patient engagement and adherence with our virtual clinical teams. CCM, RPM, TCM, RTM, ECM, Teleplacement and BHI. Our panoptic healthcare teams, technology and ecosystems are a safety net to enhance a patient’ s care circle and preventative care to improve outcomes, and aging in place.  

Insurance Providers, self-insured plans, Health Maintenance Organizations

Hospitals, Accountable        Care Organizations                                                                     

Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Independent Living Facilities, Memory Care 

Independent Physician Associations, Medical Groups, PACE Programs & other At-Risk Organizations.

Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

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5 Leading Problems Modern Health Organizations Face:

  1. Inconsistent patient management post discharge
  2. Unaddressed mental health during stay
  3. Disjointed technologies
  4. Ongoing preventative patient monitoring
  5. Coordination of services

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Reduce Risk and Cost of Care

Regardless of your position in the post acute continuum of care, Virtare Health has solutions to help reduce your organizations risk and costs.

Simple, Easy to Use

Our ecosystem leverages state of the art technology for social, clinical and behavioral monitoring and prevention.

Providing Flexibility and Customization

From Payors to individual providers, we have workflows and care plans proven to support your organizations goals and objectives in a changing healthcare environment that demands alternatives to traditional care.

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