High-Use Patients Do Not Have to Be a High Cost.

We work with post-discharge care providers to give you the information you need to take care of your patients in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

Technology Is Not the Cure-All.

At Virtare we are provider first and technology enabled. New tech is not an improvement if you have to shift all of your processes to accommodate it. Our comprehensive system ensures that each patient referral and setup happens seamlessly; and our team is structured to manage all necessary communication and patient care, making your role as uncomplicated as possible.

Integration is as simple as writing a prescription!

Reduce Costs Associated with Your
High Utilizers and Other High-Cost Services.

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Connected Care and Improved Quality Outcomes

Connected solutions between specialty groups — SNF, Senior Living, provider practices, and mobile providers

No Double Documentation

We allow your organization to stay in your own software, no new training on a whole new system.

Community Support for Underserved Populations

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Connecting the Dots

Thank you for not giving up on me. I really did not want to go to urgent care, but your team kept communicating with me through the app and finally convinced me to go. Upon going to the urgent care, you realized that my regular doctor was associated with the clinic, reached out to my doctor, and got me an appointment the next day. I had my medication changed and feel so much better.  

B. Thompson

I Use Virtare for My Loved Ones.

I met Virtare Health along my journey in Enhanced Care Management (ECM). They have developed a comprehensive monitoring system for patients and a process to ensure that referrals and set up are seamless. I was so impressed, I had my mom put into the monitoring system, and it has avoided a lot of unnecessary Emergency Department visits. 

D. Strawkowski
Healthcare Consultant

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