Client Testimonials

Helping Patients Be Proactive Is Our Goal.

Connecting the Dots

Thank you for not giving up on me. I really did not want to go to urgent care, but your team kept communicating with me through the app and finally convinced me to go. Upon going to the urgent care, you realized that my regular doctor was associated with the clinic, reached out to my doctor, and got me an appointment the next day. I had my medication changed and feel so much better.  

B. Thompson

I Use Virtare for My Loved Ones.

I met Virtare Health along my journey in Enhanced Care Management (ECM). They have developed a comprehensive monitoring system for patients and a process to ensure that referrals and set up are seamless. I was so impressed, I had my mom put into the monitoring system, and it has avoided a lot of unnecessary Emergency Department visits. 

D. Strawkowski
Healthcare Consultant

It Helped Me!

I was asked to go to the ER but did not want to go.  The nurse was so kind, and I eventually went. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me; you guys keep me alive.

J. Hockett

Attentive Care

I am loving Virtare!  I had high blood pressure for several days. One of your staff called me and discovered that I was having trouble getting my medication refilled by my doctor. With your help, I was able to get an appointment quickly and get help with some other health concerns I had, too.

Z. Stein

Being Proactive

Ever since I started with this program, it has helped me stay on track with my diabetes. If you look at my numbers ever since I started with you guys, my blood sugar has gone from being in the 300s to the low 130s; and you guys should take credit.

T. Benson

Increased Patient Care

I have been pleased with the RPM program for my long-term/custodial patients because I am able to focus my time in the areas that require more attention to the needed patient care. I have multiple facilities that I see patients and centralizing the data in one place has been very beneficial and is allowing me to take on more buildings with the use of technology and focused care.  It has also given me medical necessity to see patients and increase my billable visits. For my short-term/skilled patients I can discharge with more confidence that the readmission rates will decrease and improve my ability to benefit the facility from a financial standpoint. 

M. Borman
Medical Doctor

Seamless Transitions and Improved Communication

I really think that the RPM program has benefited our facility by giving us confidence that our discharged patients will have support when they leave and will return to our building if there is a need, rather than returning to the acute care hospital and affect our readmission rate. It also tethers our facility to the patient for any future needs. Our custodial residents are tracked and trended with a great effectiveness  due to the requirement of the physician or midlevel to only  see the patients one time per month. There is a lot of time between required visits. RPM alerts the providers when they need to increase their visit frequencies and medical necessity.

Lara Borman

Great Staff

When my doctor first told me about Virtare, I didn’t think I needed the program and told Taylor to call me back in a month and that I’d have to think about it. During that time, my arthritis pain got worse, I had multiple migraines, and I even had eye surgery. Thanks to Taylor keeping her word, she called me back and signed me up. I get help with managing all the little things that I need between my doctor visits and have confidence that there are people on your team that help me with my health. Thank you!

C. Turner