Growing sector leader Virtare Health offers Healthcare providers and payors an escape from costly patient leakage and readmission challenges

Virtare Health (previously ICC Health) is tackling the most expensive gaps for healthcare providers and payors with a new approach to post-acute care and remote patient monitoring. The company is pioneering the development of two new fields in healthcare services (Panopticology™ and Teleplacement®) to target patient leakage and readmission issues that are both common and expensive.

The company is partnering with Payor Groups, Health Systems, Senior Care Providers, and At-risk Organizations, and is strategically positioned to meet the specific needs of organizations within each sector. Patient leakage and readmission costs are the main concern for many organizations, but they are not the only challenges Virtare Health is helping partners to overcome.

Among the top hurdles for healthcare providers and payors, there are five that stand out that Virtare’s comprehensive monitoring system works to solve:

  1. Inconsistent patient management post-discharge
  2. Unaddressed mental health post-discharge
  3. Disjointed technologies, and uncoordinated care
  4. Ongoing preventative patient monitoring
  5. Patient and financial leakage

“Our goal is to help doctors and healthcare organizations reclaim some of that time and money they would rather spend on improving patient care and internal operations. We aren’t replacing anyone in the current chain, we’re expanding the opportunities for organizations to serve more patients in a proactive way and providing the support necessary to implement each solution.”

Dr. Franklin Moses; MBBS, CEO

For organizations in the healthcare services industry that are looking to implement more efficient and cost-effective solutions and want to provide a higher level of care to patients, Virtare offers a proactive, whole-person care solution to improve your bottom line at no up-front cost – as simple as writing a prescription.

Virtare has recently passed through a relaunch where the company rebranded from ICC Health to Virtare Health to better represent its focus on virtual care in the post-acute space.


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