New States to Benefit from Virtare Health’s Enhanced Care Services

Virtare Health, a whole-person, hybrid healthcare partner, is excited to announce its expansion into several new states across the country. The company has recently begun operating in Idaho, Utah, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Kansas, bringing its innovative technology and approach to patient care to even more communities.

Virtare Health’s platform pairs revolutionary patient monitoring technology with real, personal interactions to optimize patient care and management, resulting in improved outcomes and cost savings. The company has already seen success in California and other states where it has been operating, and is eager to bring its services to even more patients and health care providers.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our reach and bringing the benefits of our platform and specialized healthcare services to even more communities, our technology has already been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, and we are excited to bring that impact to even more seniors in need of better health care.”

Dr. Franklin Moses; MBBS, CEO

The company has already begun working with local health care providers in each of the new states to implement its platform and train staff. The expansion into Idaho, Utah, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Kansas is an exciting step forward for Virtare Health, and the company is looking forward to working with even more patients and providers to improve the health care system.

For more information or to express interest in partnering with Virtare Health, please visit our website at or contact (855) 745-8400.

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