Virtare Health Care Network Expands in a Big Way – New Partnership with Dr. Williams and Medical Directors of Idaho

Virtare Health, a whole-person, hybrid healthcare partner, is excited to announce a new partnership with Dr. Williams and the group “Medical Directors of Idaho ”. The partnership will see Virtare Health’s innovative platform, which pairs revolutionary remote patient monitoring technology with real, personal interactions to optimize patient care and management, implemented at several facilities across the state.

Dr. Williams is a leading healthcare provider and respected member of the medical community in Idaho. He, along with Medical Directors of Idaho, believes that Virtare Health’s platform and clinical teams will bring significant improvements to remote patient care and management and is excited to be working with the company to implement it.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Dr. Williams and the Medical Directors of Idaho. Their expertise and leadership in the healthcare community will be invaluable as we improve patient outcomes and streamline the delivery of post-acute care in the state.”

Dr. Franklin Moses; MBBS, CEO

The partnership with Dr. Williams and Medical Directors of Idaho is an important step for Virtare Health, as it will provide a significant increase in the number of patients who will benefit from their health-tech solutions and enhanced clinical management programs.

For more information or to express interest in partnering with Virtare Health, please visit our website at or contact (855) 745-8400.

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